In Dubrovnik the cult of Saint Blaise began in the 10th century, according to the legend of Saint Blaise appearing to a priest named Stojko and defending the city from the Venetian occupation. Grateful for his aid, Dubrovnikers chose Saint Blaise as their patron saint.

Dubrovnik placed Saint Blaise's figure on city walls, national flags, money and masts. The saint's figure was also on the Republic's seal. The seal with the whole image of Saint Blaise could be used only with permission of the Rector and the Minor Council. The state placed the saint's figure on the shields and guns, which just goes to show that it had the status of the state coat of arms.

In 1190 Dubrovnik decided that every stranger, debtor or offender coming to Dubrovnik was free, secure and inviolable three days before and three days after the Festivity of Saint Blaise. This is the first Dubrovnik's law.