There are four parishes of St Blaise (Ston, Slano, Janjina and Babino Polje, Mljet) in the Dubrovnik diocese. In the city of Dubrovnik itself there are two churches dedicated to St Blaise: the baroque church built in 1715 on Stradun and the votive Church of St Blaise on Gorica. Additionally, there is a monastery church in Pridvorje built in 1429, and there used to be churches on the islands of Lastovo and Kalamota and on the Pelješac peninsula.


Saint Blaise in Slano

Saint Blaise is revered as the patron of Slano. His 1758 church in Slano is located on the site of an older church. Traditionally on St Blaise's Feast Day a solemn mass is sung and there is a procession through Slano including the twirling of flags in honour of St Blaise. The parish of St Blaise in Slano was founded back in 1407.