The cult of Saint Blaise is one of the most widespread cults, both in the East and the West. In the eastern countries the feast is held on 11 February, and in the western countries on 3 or 15 February. Many churches and oratories all around the Christian world are dedicated to Saint Blaise. His relics are numerous, but their authenticity is often questionable. The Catholic, Armenian and Orthodox Churches all worship Saint Blaise as a saint and martyr. In Asia Minor, his homeland, and in the entire Christian East there is a large number of St. Blaise sanctuaries. Over the centuries five churches have been built and dedicated to St. Blaise in Rome. The saint's relics are spread all over the Christian world. They are kept in a silver arm at the St. Blaise bookstore and churches in Naples, at the Notre Dame church in Paris, in Brussels, Malta, Bologna, Bern, Venice, Lisbon, Campostella, Verona, Cologne and elsewhere. The saint is worshipped in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

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