On the occasion of the Year of Saint Blaise Europe House Dubrovnik organises a sale of books on the Dubrovnik's patron saint.


Saint Blaise, bishop of Sebaste is an adapted translation of a book by Armand Tchouhadjian, French author of Armenian origin, that will acquaint Croatian readers with the main features of St. Blaise's planetary popularity. Croatian edition of the book is enriched with many colour photographs of the sites from different continents where St. Blaise is venerated and a text on veneration of St. Blaise in Croatia. The price is 60 kn.

Saint Blaise: Veneration without Boundaries is an expanded English translation of Saint Blaise, bishop of Sebaste. A third of the book is dedicated to the veneration of St. Blaise in Croatia and Dubrovnik, and also gives information on the emmergence and expansion of the cult of St. Blaise, around and beyond Europe. The book is an ideal gift for business partners, friends and relatives abroad. The price is 80 kn. Both books are soft-covered, with 128 pages and over 100 colour photographs.

The picture book Saint Blaise, patron saint of the throat is an English translation of picture book which was created by the pupils of the Montovjerna Elementary School, together with their teachers Martina Skvrce and Gordana Rokolj as a part of the project "Stories around the fireplace". The English edition was prepared by the Europe House Dubrovnik in cooperation with Lapad Elementary School. The price is 40 kn.

The books can be bought in the Europe House Dubrovnik's premises at Batala, Nikole Tesle 9. Buyers outside Dubrovnik will get their books by mail. For more information please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..